Llewellyn morkel

I started out as a weak kid trying to get bigger and stronger for sport. I found weight training and worked hard doing all the things I saw in the bodybuilding mags and men’s health. Through hard work and some dedication I got some results and improved. Now the methods have improved and the goas have changed, but the lessons have remained. Training has taught me so many thing and has benefited me both mentally and physically and is a huge part of my life.

I studied sports Science and spent as much time as I could learning and interning. I have been coaching for 10 years now. Working with everyday people, school, university and professional level athletes. I’ve worked with people in various sports; rugby, tennis, water polo, boxing, MMA, swimming and athletics. The way I train and the way I train people is an evolution, keeping the useful concepts and adding new ideas. I find inspiration in many fields of movement and training. Combining concepts from different fields to help improve movement and performance is my passion.

My goal with this website is to add value to someone’s life. If any of the videos or articles we share helps just one person it is a success.

Keep learning, moving and growing.

Justin benn

As a young boy sport was everything. I took the eat train sleep and pray to be the best in sport to the next level. I was a very competitive, always wanted to be first in all the sports I did. Growing up with two older brothers I guess helped me to be more physical and stand my ground. Leadership is one quality that I strive to in my life. To lead from the front was something I enjoyed and took pride in.

My sporting journey went a level up after school when I joined Western province rugby union. Coming from a small town required that I had to fight for everything I wanted. Playing some senior rugby games was so far one of my highlights in life. I also believe that studies is important. At the moment I fill the role of a student athlete. Studying BA Sport Science at University Stellenbosch. At the same time training to always be ready when a next sporting opportunity comes up. In my free times I enjoy coaching rugby and teaching younger kids what to do to become a better sportsman. Enso movement cultures also gives me the base to be an example for others and giving back what I have learned over the years. I strongly believe that each day is a new day to learn something new in life and equip yourself with new skills to be a better you.  

Armando de nobrega

I had fought with myself for many years. I had two knee operations and an achillies tendon rupture in the span of 5 years. Each time when I was done fixing one another happened. In this time training helped me get through these dark periods but also helped me find myself. It showed me how remarkable the human body is and how much it can handle. I developed into a better person for going through these experiences. I learned that the things that happen in your life are for a reason and it’s what you do with these experiences that will show who you truly are.

Now we arrive at the present time, I’ve changed.  I view aspects of life in a different way now. Then we realized we need to share thoughts and ideas so people can learn the good that can come from changing perspectives, training, movement and just changing bad habits into good ones. Now it's a reality.