What is Movement Culture?

Movement is the act of moving, the most general description of using our bodies. Walking is movement, playing piano is movement, dance is movement, bench pressing is movement. Fitness is only a tiny part of movement. Fitness is not bad, it’s just limited. Movement is a generalist approach. It is the, be above average in most things and exceptional in a few approach. Culture is the ideas, customs and social behaviour of a group of people. So movement culture is simply the ideas, customs and social behaviours of people who have movement as a central part of their life.


What is Enso movement culture?

Firstly we are about movement and the culture that surrounds it. To learn more about that read this. The question that still stands out though. What exactly is Enso movement culture? Enso movement culture is our version of movement culture. It’s how we see, approach and address things in this vast field of movement.


Intensity Kills

Every athlete or person that trains hard has a dog. This dog’s name is Intensity. Intensity is a vicious dog, a bringer of destruction and mayhem. It is there to destroy. It will destroy everything, including you … unless you learn to control it.



Keeping your Blade Sharp

What is sharpening the Sword?

According to Covey it is “preserving/ enhancing your greatest asset, you” It is having things that you do to recharge yourself in the 4 main areas of life. Physical, Social/Emotional, Mental, Spiritual. Sharpening, keeps you fresh. It increases your capacity to handle the challenges you face. Feeling good is a product of what you do. So do things that make you feel good? Use some sense though, just because something makes you feel good now, it doesn’t mean it will in the long run. Eating cake makes you feel good, but not in the long run.


Which wolf do you feed?

Previously we spoke about how what you consume affects you. Getting deeper into that, we are looking at what you do every day. What you do daily is the most important thing to achieving your goals. It’s not the one big training session that makes you strong, it is the accumulated training sessions over years that make you strong. How do you get strong? To quote Matt Vincent “you squat heavy once a week for ten years”