You are what you consume

You are what you eat is the old saying, but it doesn’t only apply to food. It applies to all aspects of life. I want to change the saying to: You are what you consume.

You are a product of:

·         The foods you eat

·         The people you spend time with

·         The TV shows you watch

·         The music you listen to

·         The training you do

·         The lifestyle habits you follow

·         Your thoughts

You are a product of everything you do. It all influences you, most of it you don’t even notice. We always talk about diet regarding food, but we need a mental and physical diet as well. We need to feed ourselves things that are good for us, that challenges us, that makes us grow, that makes us better and therefore makes us better influences to the people around us. Don’t take this for living in a dream world or to isolate yourself from reality. Bad things happen, how we respond to them is the important thing. There are terrible things that happen in the world and we need to know what is happening around us, but you don’t have to constantly feed yourself that. You have minimal time and resources and wasting energy on things that don’t feed a positive mind-set, that doesn’t help you grow is not worth it. Same goes for people, if you want to be better you have to surround yourself with people who live the values you want to represent. If you surround yourself with assholes, chances are you’ll be an asshole too. You should try to help people improve as well and being an example for others is important, but if that person is content with the way they are and doesn’t want to improve are they really worth having in your life.

My goal is to be a more capable human, in all aspects of life, not just physically. The physical is a good starting point. Training sets you up to do so. Good training puts you in a good place physically and a healthy body leads to a healthy mind. Hard training teaches you to respond to stressful situations better. Start with training your body, then train your mind. Do this by being aware of your behaviours. Feed the good and eradicate the bad. Every day is a chance to improve. So use it.

Joe Rogan says it better than I could. The human body is amazing. Watch the video and go train!