Which wolf do you feed?

Previously we spoke about how what you consume affects you. Getting deeper into that, we are looking at what you do every day. What you do daily is the most important thing to achieving your goals. It’s not the one big training session that makes you strong, it is the accumulated training sessions over years that make you strong. How do you get strong? To quote Matt Vincent “you squat heavy once a week for ten years”

It is the constant flow of water that carves the rock to create the canyons. Your daily practices are what shapes you. What you do day to day has the greatest influence on your life. Have you ever thought about what you do daily? Do you complain, do you eat unhealthy food, do you sit on the couch and become a vegetable when you get home? Or do you practice gratitude every day? Do you eat healthy nutritious food? Do you move regularly and exercise? We build momentum in what we do. We become more of what we do; being lazy leads to more laziness. Productivity leads to more productivity. Focus leads to more focus. We train the action by doing it. We get better at what we do. When we make excuses for lack of success we get better at making excuses not being successful. There is an old Native American tale about two wolves. One is discipline, focus and positivity. The other is laziness, negativity and excuses. And they are constantly battling. The one that wins is the one that you feed daily. So ask yourself, what do you want to accomplish? What kind of person do you want to be? What are the behaviours that will help you succeed at this? Do that daily! It’s not easy, it is a battle. I Struggle with it daily but that is the path to being better.