What is Enso movement culture?

Since we launched we haven’t really explained why we started this website. We have a short description on the site, but in here I’ll give you the details.

Firstly we are about movement and the culture that surrounds it. To learn more about that read this. The question that still stands out though. What exactly is Enso movement culture? Enso movement culture is our version of movement culture. It’s how we see, approach and address things in this vast field of movement.

The beginnings

This is an ensŌ

 In Zen Buddhism it is a circle drawn with a single brush stroke. It represents, simplicity, enlightenment, strength, freedom, asymmetry, irregularity and incompletion. This is an old practice and the symbol and the meaning behind it has been around for hundreds of years.

The principle and ideals that the enso and the practice of drawing them represents embodies the principles of training, lifestyle and movement that we enjoy and represent. I specifically say we, because I’m not the only person involved in this site and we all don’t do exactly the same things and train for the same goals, but we do believe in the same principles and represent that in what we do.

Simplistic, individual, disciplined practice. Individual, in the sense that each person brings their own flavour to training. Two people might do the same exercises or same programme, but their backgrounds, motivations and starting points are different and it influences their journey.

Simplistic, because simple is better. People generally have a tendency to complicate things. We do it for various reasons. The goal is to make things simple so that it’s easier to take action on what you need to do. This doesn’t mean over simplify though. “Make things as simple as possible and no more”

Disciplined, because consistency gets results. We need to do work over time. Consistent regular positive actions will build the lifestyle that you want to get the results you want.

It represents the mind-set of being in the moment. Focusing on your practice, being present in training and in life, not living in the past or future. Freedom in not being rigid, allowing for flexibility and adaptability. Having an open mind. Asymmetry and Irregularity; Life, sport and performance is not symmetrical and regular it is sometimes unpredictable and even downright Chaotic

We train for chaos, being comfortable in uncomfortable situations

We train for chaos, being comfortable in uncomfortable situations

Training is as much mental as it is physical and this is Enso movement culture. The mind and body are not separate and should not be trained separately. Both need to be strong.  We move our bodies and challenge ourselves both mentally and physically. We work, we play, we have fun and we improve.

At this point you’re thinking, then why do you have a different logo?

The Enso represents the old world and the old school principals that are still very applicable now. We live in a modern world, in a time where people don’t stand on giant sheets of paper drawing circles with a mop.

We live in a world, where people consume tons of information through a little rectangular block that fits into their pocket and gives them access to the collective knowledge of the whole world. We have different challenges that we face and problems that challenge us on a day to day basis. This is important to note. We believe that the principle of the old still applies but the application is different, it’s modern. We represent the old principles but with a modern approach. The why behind most things we do has not changed. Basic human needs has not changed for centuries. Society, culture and lifestyles has. We have to account for that in how we do things. So we here at EMC embrace the old principles and learn from them but we live in a modern and ever changing world and we use the advantages that it gives us. We use science, technology and the tools we have gained to improve our and everyone we helps lives. So that we can level up. The logo is our modern take on an old idea.

We are about movement. Not just physical movement, but moving forward in life. We are about improving ourselves and also helping as many people as possible improve. EMC is a process, a journey, evolving, moving forward. Always learning and growing, but not forgetting your roots.  We are here to share our experience and provide you with tools to improve your movement and through this your life. Those tools can be actual physical tools that you need and also information.  The secret to life is giving. Ask yourself what you can give to the world. How can you make this place better? This is one of the ways that we can, so this is what we are doing. Thank you for reading this and being part of the movement. If you find the things we share helps you, spread the knowledge and the love.

Keep moving, keep improving, keep learning and keep giving.