Vitamin M: Things to do while you're doing things

Everybody does things and the things you do affect your body, your movement and therefore your quality of life so do things that make you better. Seriously though all of us work or study. We all sit for extended periods of time. Modern day lifestyles put us into patterns. We sit on chairs, we stand we go to gym for 60min 3 times a week where we bench, squat, deadlift, etc. We are actively sedentary most of us don’t have enough movement variety built into our lifestyle. We are actively sedentary. We don’t move in many different ways, we don’t move through a full range. Most importantly, WE DON’T MOVE OFTEN ENOUGH.

How do we do this?

We need to sneak in some mobility and stability work into our day to day. Breaking up the long stretches of sitting with some other movements and positions to keep the body loose, nimble and ninja –like.

Firstly move more throughout the day. Work in different positions. Use the following 3 movements while you doing what you’re doing.

The ultra-tactical glute stretch

Do this to stretch your glutes while youre working at a desk or table. Get your leg up on your other one, lean forward and enjoy the glute stretch. Remember to do both sides. If you work at a high table you can put your leg on a stool to get the stretch.

The flamingo

Like the name suggests you are doing your best flamingo impersonation. This is great for when youre waiting in line at the bank, to get coffee or working at a standing desk. You stand on one leg. It challenges your balance. If you do some quarter squats you can strengthen your quads and glutes to help your knee stability and improve your ankle mobility.

Deskbound Buddha

There are no rules on how to use chairs. Who says you have to sit with your feet on the ground. If you can, try sitting crossed legged for a while. The change will be good for you.

Even more things to do between doing stuff

Inbetween doing things do some push ups, hang from stuff get down in a squat (mobile and loose pants recommended). The bottom line is move more.

By Llewellyn Morkel