The Movement behind Movement Culture

Movement culture is more than just physical; it is an idea, a way of thinking. The idea that we can be more and do more. An idea that the current view that we have of physical development as a culture, is off. We have lost track of why we need to move, be strong and develop capability.

Building the physical for aesthetics is wrong

Focusing on patterns is wrong

Avoiding chaos is wrong

We need to train because modern day living is not stimulating us in the correct ways. In the ways that feed our development, that optimize our bodies and mind. We have a culture of separating body and mind. We develop the physical in the absence of the mental and develop the mental in the absence of the physical. Our current culture separates the two, creating smart weaklings or dumb brutes.

We must develop the human to his or her full potential. We need to do things that develop the body and the mind as a whole and in all aspects. Develop the parts to build the whole and use the whole to develop itself. We are an exceedingly complex system, but it’s also pretty simple to improve it:

1.       Run hills

2.       Grapple

3.       Lift things

4.       Read books

5.       Have conversations that challenge your beliefs

6.       Play

7.       Meditate

8.       Do yoga

9.       Walk in nature

10.   Climb things

11.   Hunt

12.   Work in a garden

13.   Problem-solve

14.   Build something

These are only a few options that are my personal preferences. Yours may differ, but you get the idea.

This is constant work. There will be phases of focus. There will be waves and flows of energy and intensity, but it never ends. It should never end! It will take work, sometimes it will feel easy and other times it will feel near impossible. The work never stops. Stillness is death. Movement is life.