The Mind Muscle

When we train we strengthen a pathway. We do squats to improve our leg strength, and the more we squat the better we get at doing squats. The same process that we apply to our physical training applies to the mind as well.

Our behaviours are trainable


Every time you do something you reinforce that behaviour. The more you do it, the better you get at it. The problem is that you might be getting better at something you don’t want to. Every time you hit the snooze button instead of getting out of bed, you are immediately reinforcing that behaviour. You are training yourself to do that. Every time you complain, you are reinforcing that. Every time you tell yourself it’s okay to skip the healthy meal instead of eating what you planned, you get better at doing that.

It’s not all negative though. Every time you wake up early to train or study you strengthen that self-discipline “muscle”. Every time you stick to your training schedule it gets stronger.

Every time you choose the right way over the easy way you strengthen your self-discipline.

We train ourselves with every action and every behaviour. Every time we choose laziness over action, we tip the scale in that direction. It adds up over time until eventually to be disciplined we have to work from a deficit. This might be difficult, but it’s not impossible. It boils down to putting in consistent effort. Consistency is the key to developing discipline. Regular work outweighs short bursts. 2 sessions per week over 3+ weeks is better than 6 sessions in one week.

Treat your mind like your body

We do all these things to train our body. Squats, sprints, pull ups, bench press, etc. What do we do to train our minds? We train our abilities, fitness, strength, mobility, speed. But what about focus, concentration, discipline, positive self-talk and gratitude? Do the things that makes your mind stronger!

By training regularly, consistently eating good healthy food, regularly reading and studying things that interest you or improve your abilities, you strengthen positive behaviour. We strengthen our minds. Consistently doing difficult things that challenge our abilities makes our minds stronger.

Regular hill sprints will make your mind stronger.

Cold showers will make your mind stronger.

Hiking will make your mind stronger.

Training hard and doing physically challenging things will strengthen your mind.

Don’t be a snowflake. Do the difficult, scary things that make you better!