Recovery Saves

Intensity Kills, but recovery saves. Intensity kills and it is great! If you don’t know why then read here. To push intensity you must recover, because recovery is refilling the tank it is about replenishing the energy reserves. Without recovery you can’t push hard regularly and if you do you’ll have to deal with negative consequences like injury, illness, and lack of energy. As hard as you push in your training you need to be that sharp on your recovery.

Recovery is lifestyle

Recovery is your day to day.

It’s getting enough quality sleep

Its doing mobility daily

Its hydrating

It is getting enough quality food and nutrients

It’s flipping the off switch with breathing drills or meditation

It is doing the work regularly and consistently that allows you to push yourself and extend the limits of your capabilities. Train hard, recover harder. Do the work so that you can handle more work.

Recover, be better, move more!

By Llewellyn Morkel