There comes a time in your life where something is too difficult to complete. It can be so difficult that you give up. It happens to all of us. The reason why you gave up might differ. It is important to ask yourself the following questions. Why did you quit? How many times did you quit? How many times did you wish that you have push through?

Why do we quit?

It has a lot to do with our mindset. It is a mental barrier that you have to break to proceed. With every great challenge you are faced with an obstacle. That obstacle creates doubt in your mind. Thoughts like, should I continue? How much longer? These doubts will try and convince you to give up. It will seem to you as though quitting is the easier option. What happens then?  You could not push through. What if you are presented with that same obstacle again? You can’t always quit and run away. To quit lies in your hands. It is a choice. Either you push through or you give up. I myself am guilty of this. Aren’t we all? It is easier to give up than to put in the hard work to overcome obstacles to succeed. We do not like to go out of our comfort zone. This mental barriers (obstacles) and doubts creates these opportunity to quit.

Quitting is not failure.

Do not confuse yourself between quitting and failure. When you quit you decide to give up. You decided that, no one else does. Failure is when you give your all, but still do not succeed. You tried your best to make it and you fail. You did not choose to give up, you choose to keep on going.

You cannot predict the future, but you can control your mind set. Life is a process, you might not know how far you have to run.  You might not know how much more until the pain is gone. The only thing that you can control is the here and the now. What you decide now will predict the future. If you decide to quit. The future will not be successful. If you decide to push through you are in control of your success. Control what you can control, at this moment and the future will be a success.

Quitting can become a habit. To quit every time something gets hard in life you are creating a habit. By quitting each time when you are faced with a challenge, it becomes easy. You will just give up. Quitting will not resolve the problem.

How can you change your mind set

By setting goals, you set in place something to work towards. You stay focused on the right things. These goals can be intrinsically motivated for example pride or satisfaction or extrinsically motivated, for example making your school’s 1st team. Having these goals in place will help motivate you through the obstacles you face. Note that intrinsic motivation in this instance is more important. The reason is that when you have no medal to win or fame to get you might give up easier. With intrinsic motivation you will perform based upon what you decide. You define your success.  You are not controlled by extrinsic factors. Things that are out of your control.

Take pride in what you do. To give up will not honor who you are as a person. It is important to know why you started. Remember who supports you. By quitting you are not just letting yourself down, but also the people that believed in you. You will take pride when you decide that you want to succeed. Take pride in the decision that you will not give up. Give your best for that people that supported you since you have started. Through difficult times.

Push your limits. Get out of your comfort zone at least once a week. It is important to challenge yourself weekly to get out of that comfort. Pushing your limits you have to work harder. By pushing yourself you create a mental toughness that will come in handy in difficult times. Believe in yourself and your abilities. If you do not believe in yourself no one else will. If you have the will to succeed no obstacle will be greater than you. Stop looking for excuses. Start taking responsibility for your actions. Stop saying you are not good enough. Others are better than me. That mindset is wrong. Take action and not excuses.

Take home message

Never quitting is a mindset, one that you must incorporate in your thinking process. By setting goals, controlling your thoughts and taking pride in your choices. This will help you succeed and work through the difficult times. Should I quit? Never.