How movement rich is your environment ?

To be better we need a better lifestyle. A better lifestyle is made up of better habits and rituals. The best way to change your habits is to change your environment.

The past few weeks we have been talking a lot about movement. What’s movement culture? Why you are not moving enough, but not really giving you practical, useable things to do. We have been laying down concepts and ideas. Today we give you some specifics with the concepts.

First a video

Katy bowman drops some serious knowledge bombs in this video and basically summarizes everything I want to talk about in this post. My favourite part of the video is the term movement nutrition. It simplifies and puts movement in easy terms that we can understand. Our movement nutrition is lacking in dose and variety.

So how do we address it? 

Making large changes to your lifestyle is not the recipe for success. In a previous post we spoke about tiny habits. Its small incremental changes that is the building blocks for greater change and growth. In sticking with the nutrition theme. We have movement meals (training sessions, sport). How bout we add in some movement snacks throughout the day. Little bits of movements that we add into our day to add in not only more movements but also more movement variety.

How, when, where, what?

We must create a movement rich environment. We need tools things we use to facilitate different movements. Let’s start with sitting. Have places and things that you can sit on, so that you sit in different positions. Get something low to sit on, get a space on the ground where you can sit. Sit in different ways to stretch different joints.

How about some hanging. We spoke about the importance of hanging and our monkey shoulders. Hanging is good for you so look around and find stuff to hang from in your day to day life. It doesn’t just have to be overhead stuff. Consider getting a pull up bar at your house, one of those doorway bars works well. And just randomly hang from it in different ways when you can. Your shoulders will be happier.

You might get some strange looks ‘When you do this in public, but that’s fine you’re challenging the boundaries we have set on what is normal movement and behaviour. We have to change what we do daily in order to make our lifestyles better. If you doing something different allows someone else to feel ok doing it too then that is great. By moving you help others move. Be the change!

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by Llewellyn Morkel