Jogging is not Running: An alternate reality of Running Part 3

The trilogy is finally complete. Here are my last musings on this whole running as a skill concept.

So Tuesday we said you don’t deserve to run (well sort of) read that here. Yesterday we spoke about speed, check that out here. Today we continue working through our running element breakdown. Which is:

1.       Mobility and Stability

2.       Sprinting

3.       Reaction and agility

4.       Distance

5.       Change of speed

6.       Environments and Terrains

4. Distance

As much as Ive shat on jogging and distance training, it is a necessary part of running. It is a capacity we need to have but as we said before most people don’t have the foundations to run well. My problem with jogging and long distance is not really the distance. It is the prevalence of bad running mechanics in joggers. It’s the culture of long distance running. It’s the overly cushioned shoes that’s supposed to be a fix for your bad running technique, instead of getting mobility, stability and learning how to move well. It’s the fact that people run long distance and marathons to be healthy but most people that you see outside of the elite performers in a marathon look far from healthy. Distance is good … if you can handle it.

5. Change of Speed

This one is pretty simple. If you went for a jog, could you accelerate into a sprint mid jog. Most joggers just plod along at the same pace, but can you go faster and slower, then a lot faster, then slower again. It’s a simple thing that should be added to the running picture.

6. Environments and Terrains

Where we run also has an effect on our development. I am a fan of trail running. The uneven terrain challenges you more both physically and in your awareness of what you are running on. Besides being out in nature is awesome! Read about trail running here. Road running is monotonous and puts way more stress on the body than is necessary. We live in an urban environment though so that is where most people can run. I admit I am biased because I stay in amazing place where nature is right around a corner. The biggest problem with road running is that it is hard on the body and if you have less than optimal mechanics it puts even more strain on your body.

In the end running is an essential skill that is part of human movement. We all need to be competent in it. If you love jogging and running marathons, more power to you. If you are like me and have no inclination to run a marathon that’s also cool. If you want to be more capable, then you need to do thing to be more capable. Marathoners need to sprint. Sprinters should jog once in a while and EVERYONE needs to work at moving better every day. Do the work consistently to be better. So mobilize, stabilize and go for a run.