Kaizen - Better everyday

Continuous good change, this is kaizen. Simply put its being better every day. It is the cumulative effect of all the small changes that you make that creates the big change. What we do today affects tomorrow. What did you do today? Did you drink enough water? Did you train? Did you help somebody improve? It applies to many areas, life, training, business, etc. It is a mindset.

Yes some days you will have setbacks, but as long as you have a net positive change and you are reaching your goals. You’re winning. To grow we need challenges and the right mindset. There needs to be a disturbance in the system to create an adaptation. We need something to challenge our bodies and minds to create a change. More importantly we need the right mindset to use these challenge to grow.

Kaizen represents this mindset. If you have a mindset based around creating good change. It affects how you approach the situation changes.

In a tough situation or training session. Kaizen will determine if you survive or thrive in a situation. Are you there to get better (thrive) or are you there to get through it (survive). You must get stronger from challenges and your mindset is the biggest factor affecting this.

Remember small things add up and build momentum. Momentum is the fuel for action.

So do something today that makes you better…

… Eat that broccoli

    Read that book

    Run that hill

    Do those squats

    Enrol in that course


Take action … own your life!

by Llewellyn Morkel