Get up...

The Turkish are delightful people … see what I did there ( turkish delight, get it). Besides the Turkish delight, they also gave us the Turkish get up or TGU as we will refer to it.

This is one of the best training exercises that translate to better movement and overall strength. It chains together many movement patterns and trains the ever important transition. The pattern or parts of it ,can be seen in many sports like BJJ, Rugby and even in everyday activities.

The windmill transition seen in BJJ

The windmill transition seen in BJJ

·         It builds work capacity

·         Stability and mobility

·         Getting up and lowering to the ground

·         Covers almost all the movement patterns

Its not a sexy exercise, it is however very effective. There are many ways to include it in your training. Here are some of the variations I use.

·         Naked Get up

This is the TGU without weight. Great to warm up with. 

·         Alternating TGU’s

Pick a weight and alternate reps on the left and right

·         Sandbag TGU

·         Paused Get up

      TGU pausing in all the positions

Simplest is best though. A basic get up works best. You can use it as a warm up as a part of a session or even as a session on its own. You can go light or really heavy. Its going to build that strength for the Zombie apocalypse.

by Llewellyn Morkel