Get some balls

Med ball training is great. It is a simple universal tool that you can use to get some serious training done. It’s a great addition to your existing training program and with the holidays coming up it’s easy to take with you wherever you are going if you need something to train with.

The slam ball is a lazy med ball. It doesn’t really bounce. The benefit is that it does handle being thrown violently against a wall or the ground reasonably well. They are not indestructible and the do break eventually but depending on how you use them they can last pretty long. The 5kg ball I have in the Dojo is 2 years old now and is still going strong. I did find that the heavier (8,10kg) slam balls did not last as long though.

Why train will a slam ball

It’s fun, there is a certain pleasure in throwing that ball as hard as you can into a wall or the ground. It is great for power development, especially upper body and rotational power. It is a great tool for metabolic conditioning. I.e. it improves your fitness and makes you less fat.

Below is a playlist of some slam ball exercises you can try. These do work with regular med balls, just watch out for the rebound.

Here’s 2 sample training complexes to try

The power round version 1:

At the start of every minute for 10 – 15 minutes perform between 6 – 8 repetitions of the following:

·         Wall throws

·         Slams

·         Up throws ( make sure the roof is suitable to throw against)

The power round version 2:

The same time and rep range as above, but with the following movements:

·         Wall throws

·         Rotation throws

·         Slams

·         Rainbow slams

There you have it if you're not using it already, now you have some info to get you started.