Force Multiplier: Podcast

We defined what a force multiplier is here. Here is another thing to amplify your abilities.


A podcast is modern talk radio. It is a recorded conversation or talk by a person or group of people. You can listen to it at any time unlike radio you can pause it and listen to it in sections. It’s a source of information. We can listen to conversations with some really smart and insightful people. People who can inspire you. People who share their experiences and their journey and we can learn from it. It is a great source to learn things, to improve yourself and create the best version of yourself.

The best thing about podcasts is you get that information, that perspective that you wouldn’t get from a book or a blog post. There are magical bits of perspectives and lessons that you get from conversation, that you don’t get from other mediums like reading. I learn so much from talking to people about things. The act of having a conversation about something expands an idea. It is this back and forth about a concept that expands it, opens up different perspectives on it, shapes your perception of it and you learn how other people see things. This in itself is a force multiplier, this is what makes podcasts valuable. The chances that I’m going to have a conversation with Neil deGrasse Tyson, Tony Robbins, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tait Fletcher or Joe Rogan in the near future is very slim. Through podcasts I can be a fly on the wall with the conversations they have. I can learn from the experiences of top performers in Sport, business, entertainment, Military, medical and many other fields. I can surround myself with positive influences and information to help me achieve my goals.

I’ve quoted it before, Jim Rohm famously said” you’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with” you’re not just influenced by people you are influenced by the information you consume and it’s so easy to do that now. Let’s use technology to our advantage. So go on Itunes, youtube (video podcasts) or stitcher (android app) and check out some podcasts. Listen, learn and enjoy. This has been one of the most powerful things in my growth and development over the years and I recommend it to everybody.

Here’s a list of my favourite podcast shows and some of my favourite episodes from them

The Joe Rogan Experience

Tim Ferriss podcast

·         Tony Robbins

·         Josh Waitzkin

Pirate life Radio

·         Episode 30

·         Episode 60

This is just a starting point and some of the many podcasts I have enjoyed and learnt from. So do yourself a favour and strengthen your podcast game. You will thank me later.