If you want to progress physically you need to have your nutrition on point. You need to separate your food-pleasure from your goals! The taste of your food doesn’t get you closer to your goals. That doesn’t mean you should eat dog food, but you have to be aware that the taste of what you eat and your goals don’t always match up.


If you say you can’t eat vegetables, but you want to be healthier, then guess what? You don’t care that much about being healthier. If you simply can’t find the time to plan and prep your meals for successful nutrition to help you reach your goals, then guess what? You don’t give a fuck about your goals! It might be harsh, but it’s true. So your choice is simple: stop being a little fragile snowflake and just do the work. It’s not rocket science. It takes some dedication and some effort. It doesn’t have to be overly restricted, but it does take work.

So make a decision, how important are your goals? How important are the results that you want? Is it more important than your current state of comfort? Is it more important than your mouth pleasure?


Once you have made your decision do your work, find guidance and help, and get shit done. Make progress!