Awesome Things To Do

Here’s a list of things that I have been benefiting from. They are great bang for your buck movements and simple things that have a great effect on your training.


Rhythm coordination, posture, timing and stamina; these are some of the benefits of skipping. A very simple exercise that can have a profound effect on your body. Skipping has been a staple of many great fighters training from boxing, Muay Thai to MMA. It is essential to develop movement, speed and footwork.

Kettlebell swings

Explosive hip hinging. A swing strengthens almost all the muscles of the back side of the body. It teaches you to generate power. It can build stamina, strength and helps improve body composition when your nutrition is on point as well. It is a very simple and effective movement if executed properly.


Rollouts are one of my favourite core movements. The rollout is an anti-extension movement. This strengthens the midline of the body to resist forces that push it into extension. With it we train the body to maintain our posture against external resistance.


If you want healthy shoulders, spend time hanging. Get your arms above your head and hang from a bar, rings, a tree or whatever. Checkout our previous post about this.

Couch Stretch

Tight and weak hip flexors are a common problem that arises with excessive sitting. The couch stretch is a great stretch that targets the hip flexors. This has been popularized by Kelly Starrett of Mobility WOD. We should do this every day to counter the massive amounts of chair sitting we do on a daily basis. Checkout our previous post about this.

Leg drive Barbell Rows

Ed Coan one of the strongest powerlifters in the world did barbell rows like this. I’ve started doing them this way along with my athletes and have seen the benefits to it. It combines the hinge and leg drive from the hips to initiate the movement, and the upper back, lats and arms finish it. This allows you to use the body as a unit which is how we function. Drive rows allow you to use more weight and therefore generate more force. To do this well you should first be able to do a deadlift and a strict barbell row well. Don’t confuse this with a cheat barbell row; the major difference is that you keep pulling the bar towards you and not yourself to the bar. This is a great movement for athletes in strength and power sports like rugby, MMA and Jiu Jitsu.


To perform at speed you need to train speed. Speed is one of the main things people lose as they age because they stop moving fast. Keep training this to maintain it. On top of that sprints have great effects on fat loss and developing power.


Breathing is a game changer. If you don’t breath you die. We don’t all breathe well and this has an effect on our body. Many people are pushing the envelope on breathing work in training, but it is also been around for centuries in forms such as yoga and Tai Chi. Breathing is the on/off switch. It regulates the nervous system and can energise and also calm us down - it just depends on how we breathe.

Box breathing is a great off switch after training. You inhale for a 4 count, hold for a 4 count, exhale for a 4 count and hold for 4. I use the pranayama app to time the breathing cycle.

Wim Hoff breathing is a great way to get energised. It is an effective reset before training, or to start your day.

Hand release push ups

Push ups are a staple bodyweight exercise and are good for you, though most people do shitty push ups. Hand release push ups done well engages the core much more and teaches you to co-ordinate your movements better.

There you have it. Try some of these. Let us know how you find them, or if you have been doing them, share your thoughts with us.