10 Things I Learnt from Jocko Willink

Jocko Willink ( is a retired Navy Seal and author of the book Extreme Ownership. This guy is an all-round badass and motivational person. I first heard about him from another podcast that I follow. He has his own podcast where he talks about books that he reads, his experiences in the military, training and life. This is a collection of things that stuck with me from following his podcast.

1.       When things are going bad, there is some good that is going to come from it. When things are difficult find the good.

2.       Getting better is a campaign, it is a fight! It is working at it every day

3.       You must train yourself to overcome adversity, it takes discipline and it is a process. Physical training has a huge influence on this.

4.       There are people who have dealt with more stressful situations that you are dealing with. Therefore you can too. You have to detach from your problem to gain perspective.

5.       Discipline is the root of all good qualities. It must be applied every day.

6.       Initiate action aggressively to beat procrastination. You have to DO IT NOW. Take that first step and make it happen. Get after it here and now.

7.       You deal with fear through inoculation. Start with small manageable doses to learn to deal with it. Do what you are afraid of, mitigate the risks and ease yourself into it.

8.       Don’t accept weakness, it is a daily fight and some days you don’t win the battle, the goal is to win the war.

9.       Appreciate what you have, most of us take what we have for granted. There is no reason to complain.

10.   Brazillian Ju jitsu is a superpower

The recurring theme that I get from listening to him is that daily action is the key to success. Discipline is the most important thing to cultivate. You must train yourself to succeed, it is a process not an endpoint.


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