10 Things I learned from James Altucher

James Altucher is an entrepreneur, author, podcaster and hedge fund manager. He has started multiple companies and is very open about his successes and failures and sharing his journey. These are the things I learnt from listening to him on podcasts and reading some of his work.

1.       Make a list of 10 things you learn from a book, interview, podcast, experience.

He was the person who introduced me to the idea of making a list of 10 things you learn from an experience.

2.       Prepare, shoot, aim

Take consistent action and refine as you go on, but taking action is the most important part of the process.

3.       We are all detectives in this thing called life and all that we can do is share clues with each other

We all can learn from each other. So listen and share. That is part of the reason why we started this website. To share things that can help people.

4.       Force yourself not to regret

5.       Be 1% better everyday

Kaizen, 1% compounded is 3800% over a year, the mind-set not the number is important.

6.       3 truths – improve these 1% everyday

Physical health

Emotional health

Creative health

Spiritual health (gratitude)

7.       Have wellbeing every single day

When asked what his definition of greatness is, this was his response. I think this is simple and quite profound and something worth striving towards

8.       Everything is contagious. Surround yourself with people that displays the qualities that you want in your life

9.       “Do the unexpected. The unexpected is the God of Reinvention”

10.   Plus; Minus; Equal

This is one that I had in my life but didn’t realise it till hearing it on a podcast with James. A Plus is a mentor (virtual or real) someone to learn from. An equal is the people that challenge you, your beliefs, ideas, actions, etc. A Minus, is a student, someone you teach. Through teaching we solidify our learning and deepen our knowledge on the topic through the student’s questions verbal and nonverbal.


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