1 > 0

One is greater than Zero in other words something is better than nothing. Everybody, myself included, always wants to do the perfect thing. Have the perfect training program, perfect nutrition plan, perfect recovery strategy, etc. We never do though and for a lot of people when they don’t have this perfect thing that they picture in their mind they give up! They make an excuse and justify their giving up by saying that they can’t follow the perfect program because of x, y and z reason so they won’t do anything. That is the easy way out. I mentioned it in a previous post that perfection is a trap, it does not exist it is a false oasis. Something you envision but never reach.

The Process must drive your success

The magic lies in your process and the process is always evolving. You can improve on a process. It develops as you develop. It is important to have a goal. Goals give us direction. A goal is usually some far off thing and sometimes we can get lost along the way. We need the goal to direct us, but becoming fixated on the goal can limit you. We need a balance between our goal and the process, but a balance that leans more to the process side of things. As the saying goes there are many ways to skin a cat. There are many ways to reach your goal, but the only way you reach your goal is by doing. It doesn’t have to be perfect, you just have to do. Start now and correct course as you go along. As you develop your process might change, it might accelerate or you might have a setback and have to take a temporary step back, or your learn something new that makes the process better. This is optimising and it is a mind-set, a growth mind-set.

So do something today. Do one pull up, it’s better than zero. Eat one piece of broccoli, it’s better than zero. Say something positive to yourself and someone else, it’s better than zero. Drink a glass of water, it’s better than zero. You get the idea. In the end all the ones add up. One pull up becomes 10. One piece of broccoli becomes a portion of greens. One positive comment becomes a positive outlook on the world. Small success build momentum and eventually become big success.

The only way to be successful is to start and the easiest way to start is to do something.